This is a complete list, in chronological order, of the items on the Personal Essays page of this website. If you’d like to find a specific piece on that page, simply copy the title here and paste it into the “find” feature on the Personal Essays page.

9/2015 Leaving Hungary by Train

10/30/2016 Why I Can’t Be Silent

12/15/2016 Yarmulkes and Hijabs

2/15/17 The Rose Street Women and the Women’s March

2/28/17 Kids Are Kids the Whole World Round

11/8/2017 What a Piece of Work is Man – the One Year Anniversary

3/25/2018 The Ann Arbor March for Our Lives Rally

3/30/2018 Parkland and the March for Our Lives

10/30/2018 Pittsburgh

11/25/2018 Thanksgiving Day Open Letter to Dr. Blasey Ford

3/18/2019 Christchurch – Blind Faith

5/31/2019 The St. Louis – 80 Years Ago and Today

6/26/2019 Anniversaries of Resistance

7/19/2019 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Moon Landing

7/31/2019 The Women’s World Cup Champions and the Squad

11/23/2019 Colonel Alex Vindman

1/5/2020 Greta and the Whistleblower

1/27/2020 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

2/13/2020 Dresden: 75 Years Later

3/18/20 Intimations of Mortality

3/29/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories

4/7/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Two

4/19/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Three

4/25/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Four

4/29/20 75th Anniversary of Liberation of Dachau

5/24/20 Coronavirus Memories and Musings: Chapter Five

6/10/20 The Right Hand Does Not Know

6/12/20 Jesse Owens, George Floyd

6/16/20 Anniversary

6/23/20 Call 911?

7/2/20 Hamilton and Fiddler on the Roof

7/15/20 Coronavirus Memories and Musings: Chapter Six

7/23/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Seven

8/12/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Eight

8/21/20 Catch a Falling Star

9/10/20 9/11 Song

9/10/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Nine

9/16/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Ten

10/19/20 Do You Miss Your Homeland?

11/1/2020 When This is All Over

11/18/20 Coronavirus Musings and Memories: Chapter Eleven

12/11/20 Liminal Spaces

12/30/20 Silver Linings

1/11/21 Wednesday Was Our Kristallnacht, Our (Attempted) Lynching

1/20/21 Open Letter to President Joe Biden

2/20/21 It’s the Crime and It’s the Coverup

2/26/21 Perseverance

3/12/21 Tone Deaf

4/8/21 Georgia

6/25/21 It’s Quiet. Yeah, too quiet

7/16/21 Why History?

7/26/21 Why History Part II – The Olympics

9/7/21 Afghanistan and Hungary

11/25/21 Magical Thinking

12/20/21 Oxford

12/31/21 Year End 2021

1/21/22 Hungary and US

1/21/22 Webb Almost There

2/28/22 Ukraine

3/24/22 Ukraine: One Month Later

5/9/22 Mariupol

September 2022 A Moment of Joy

9/20/22 Human Beings Being Humane

10/2/22 Bravo DART

10/10/22 Lizzo and the Flute

10/31/22 All is Fair in Love and War

December 2022 – Fifty Years Since We Last Went to the Moon

12/31/2022 2022 Year End Review

2/23/2023 Anniversaries-Ukraine and the Pandemic

3/29/2023 O Say, Can You Hear

April 2023 The Past Rarely Stays Only in the Past

5/29/23 Hole in the Bucket Day