I work as a musician, writer and woodworker/musical instrument maker. Since 1973, I have played folk music with my twin brother, Laszlo in the duo Gemini. We play music for children and families, and for adult audiences of all ages. http://GeminiChildrensMusic.com. I also play music in a duo with my daughter, Emily. https://www.emilyslomovits.com

I play and make musical instruments called the bones. For more information please visit, http://www.geminichildrensmusic.com/learn_to_play/bones.php. To buy bones, please visit, http://www.geminichildrensmusic.com/store/instruments.php. For my personal history with the bones, please see the 2/13/2020 post on the Writings page of this website.

I have been writing music previews and reviews since the early 1990s for Ann Arbor area newspapers and magazines. I also have been writing personal essays on a variety of topics, often relating historical events and anniversaries to events in my family’s life.